Compliance and Payment Set-Up

What is Compliance in iGaming?

Compliance means to adhere to a set of rules, such as policy, standards or law defined by a specific iGaming jurisdiction. Any iGaming company has to be aware of and take care of their daily operations so that their software, reports and player behaviour, follow the laws of the relevant jurisdictions.


The IGG Whitelabel Solutions has invested in a professional and skilled compliance team, with more than 10 persons to ensure rule and procedure checking, that is constantly being updated on different regulatory frameworks. The compliance team helps white label partners to manage any activities needed to be compliant with local laws.

At first glance, compliance doesn’t produce direct revenues, but missing the right procedures or rules produces high fines, and risks of fraud or money laundering, which can bring a business to its knees, so when compliancy is done well it becomes the best asset to protect and safeguard your white label’s revenues.

How the Compliance Team Can Help Your White Label Online Casino?

In the constantly increasing regularity environment, any white label online casino needs to have the ability and the skills to manage risks and compliance in any country in which they operate.

if you make errors or are not compliant with the laws this means penalties will be imposed and it is possible that they may force you to cease business.

IGG Whitelabel Solutions takes care of all of these aspects, ensuring that you are fully compliant, while at the same time reducing any possible licensing setbacks and linked costs.

We take care of all legal and regulatory content and reports with our team and software, ensuring full transparency and data access.

There are several ways in which we takes care of you, such as:

Understanding the regulatory frameworks

Where your white label online casino is going to work and applying the right commercial parameters.


Age Verification

Protect your white label online casino from any possible fraud with KYC checks. We verify the identity of each customer to guarantee your white label work with good customers and avoiding possible fraudsters.


KYC (Know Your Customer) and Customer Due Diligence

The procedures are fully managed, and both describe the controls that must be done during the player onboarding process (Registration phase).


Compliance with the latest regulations

Check your responsible gaming measures to protect your most vulnerable players.


AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

Check regulations and verify players identities, through identity match and a full risk assessment which confirms there is no connection to anyone associated with the AML list.


Avoid Fines & Penalties

Remain compliant and improve your site’s reputation.


Fill in the Proper License Documentation

Filling in the proper materials when applying for a license and managing ongoing compliance review process issues.


Compliance Audit 

Managing the whole compliance review processes and data internal process in those jurisdictions in which your white label online casino will operate.


Meet Regulatory Deadlines

Keep up to date on regulation changes and meet the numerous regulatory deadlines.


License Maintenance

Standard license mantainance, such as corporate and IT policies. Maintaining communication with key stakeholders such as license regulators, testing companies, trade associations, legal counsel, and industry lobbyists. Maintaining communication with software development, product development, deployment timing, support and web management, account management, operations and marketing and legal activities.


Third Parties Review

Guarantee correct review and due diligence for third parties (such as each game provider added in your game portfolio, payment service providers, etc).


Constant Team Training

Guarantee constant and up to date training for your white label online casino team.


The importance of Having Clear Procedures on AML (Anti Money Laundering)

In the ever-changing gaming industry, defining a proper AML (Anti Money Laundering) limited risk approach program is a fundamental goal.

Online operators must implement several actions for constant monitoring of the customer journey.

We provide you with a serious and in-depth AML solution, which helps white label online casinos to meet different gaming regulations, such as Know Your Customer (KYC), a proper customer Due Diligence, with ID identification control and risk assessment during account opening. which can show possible issues.


What are the main AML factors IGG Whitelabel Solutions takes care of?

First, to be compliant with the regulatory framework

Being compliant with regulatory rules means you do not put your white label operation at risk, failing to do so can lead to anything from high penalties fees to closing the business.

Do not underestimate how the ever-changing regulatory framework will change your reputation, avoiding infractions will boost your reputation and increase revenues.

IGG Whitelabel Solutions provides you full support to be 100% in line with the rules.

Second, Avoid any Friction in the Player Experience

IGG Whitelabel Solutions guarantees that player identity verification does not create any issues to the customer experience by providing a fast onboarding process, which leads to longer engagement with customers, and a safe and secure environment in which to play.


Third, Builds Up Digital Player Trust

This is about building customer loyalty by demonstrating that your white label online casino is fully dedicated to preventing fraud, money laundering activities, digital identity theft and any other possible financial crime.


Fourth, Check Real-Time Player Transactions and Monitor Suspicious Player Behaviour

We have in place monitoring activities such as IP address, and geocoding, device ID, email info, credit card info, account details data verification, player number, and more.


How Your Online Casino Manages Player Verification and Payment Set-Up?

Player registration and their first deposit are both actions linked from the beginning, and a white label online casino must verify the KYC process from the first player top-up.

IGG Whitelabel Solutions has set up different international payment service providers (PSPs), allowing operators a faster client checking process. Each PSP signed by us is PCI compliant (payment industry data security standard – PCI DSS) and ensures the full security of credit card transactions and data.

With this approach and PCI DSS security, we reduce potential customer friction, while ensuring you remain fully compliant.