Customer Support and VIP Management

IGP Customer Support and VIP Management for your Online Casino

Customer support is one of the most important pillars for any Online Casino site. It is the first line of support for customers, and exists to solve customer issues, maintain and grow a brand’s reputation and improve the overall customer experience.

Generally speaking, from your customer’s perspective, they evaluate the efficiency of your customer support only on the capacity to solve their problems, be it in their gameplay, withdrawals, account settings, registration, etc., quickly and efficiently.

For example, let’s imagine the disappointment of a player having a technical issue on a slot game, and opening a live chat to raise the problem, only to discover that the online casino doesn’t offer live chat support during the night, and having to send an email and wait till the next day for a response.

On the contrary, if customer support solve the customer’s issue in 5 minutes, the same player will endorse the online casino for efficiency with everybody, and increase the reputation of the site and brand, plus they will probably continue to play at the same online casino for a longer period of time.

In order to achieve this, IGP (iGaming Platform) deliver your customer support team different tools and channels such as chat support, live chat, email, and a telephone number, as well as suport in many different languages.

We know how big the impact of customer satisfaction is for your business, for your site’s reputation, and consequently on your casino’s revenues.


What are the Key Benefits of IGP for Customer Support at your Online Casino?

Here we highlight the most important benefits IGP provide to your online casino customer support team:

Multi-Language Support

IGP operates online white labels in different countries and provides multi-language support, in order for you to reach larger audiences. English language is often known by many of your customers, however, sometimes their English skills are not sufficient to use your site or effectively seek and receive support, and therefore your site needs to add local languages too. This will give customers the chance to speak in their own language, making them feel more comfortable, gain more trust in the casino and receive a better gaming experience. IGP provide you with different support languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Finnish, and many more.

Communication Channel Choices

Providing different communication channels is another must-have in the relation to customer support at your online casino. IGP provide casinos with different communication channels such as chat support, live chat, email, and telephone, giving customers the possibility to reach your customer support quickly, and in the way they prefer. Our IGP live chat agent is the most popular channel to communicate with customers, and allows your customer to talk in real-time with your support team.

24/7 Availability 

Together with different communication channels, IGP support is available 24/7, ensuring that your customers can contact you anytime they need.

IGP white label casinos operate in different countries with different time zones, so it is another must for us to provide 24/7 live support.

This allows support teams to push ongoing bonuses and promotions, and help customers.

Support Knowledge

This is the first factor to provide good customer support. IGPs support team is experienced in the gambling industry and skilled in site procedures (registration, product dynamics, payment processes, compliance, etc.), which means we understand how to handle possible customer issues and potential concerns in the easiest and quickest way, in order to not harm the customer’s experience. Given that, a positive attitude towards the customer must be the first thing on any casino support teams list.

Customers have to be treated like a king, always receive positive communication, and a clear idea that they are important to you, that you take care of their security, and offer a high-quality experience.

KYC (Know Your Customers) Procedure

IGPs compliancy team operates KYC checks and procedures on your players who request to cash out their funds.

Detailed FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) and Terms & Conditions

Last but not least, the Terms and Conditions section, usually written at the bottom of the site, which serves as a legal contract between a customer and the white label casino, and covers all the services offered by the casino.

Complete Terms and Conditions cover contractually most of the aspects and issues that can come up (such as confidentiality, company legal information,  payment, warranties, etc.).

For any white label casino site, it is also key to provide your customers with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section.

On this page, customers can find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the site such as account management, deposits & withdrawals, marketing, and technical issues.


IGP VIP player management: The key to the success of your online casino

Taking care of your best players is another milestone for your online casino on the road to success, as is a deeper involvement in tailor-made support activities.

IGP takes care of your VIP players, whether they are high rollers or loyal players. For this reason, IGP provides your online casino with the best VIP player management possible to keep your players happy and satisfied with the way your online casino values and treats them.

The first thing you need to understand is how to recognise the importance of these players, and how you can increase their lifetime value. You can do this with the creation of a quality VIP program.

What are the Most Effective Tools to Manage your VIP Customers?

IGPs VIP system allows you to take care of your VIP players 24/7, and give your VIP casino managers different tools such as:

  • Set up his/her own VIP program, which can be focused on acquisition and retention programs.
  • Set up a player segmentation based on your needs and parameters (bets, products, payouts, loyalty points, time value, etc.).
  • Set up a personalised service and create real VIP customer events.
  • Set up a 24/7  VIP customer service with your most valuable customers through different channels (live chat, telephone calls, emails, etc), assigning them with a VIP Account Manager.

IGP VIP Points System

IGPs VIP program provides your online casino with a points system mechanism. This means that there are different levels that your players can achieve. Each level offering different prizes and benefits that you decide on.

To achieve new levels your players can collect points, which they can earn in various ways depending on the program you create. For instance:

  • Players can earn points by playing real money games (for example, 1 point for every 10 euros spent on a defined game). In other cases, a player needs to bet more on predefined games to earn points (e.g. 1 point for every 10 euros bet on slots, or 1 point for every 20 euros bet at a roulette table).
  • Players earn points after the first deposit.
  • Players earn points with a bonus, promotion or as a tournament prize.
  • Players earn points when making a large bet, doesn’t matter if he/she wins or loses.

In terms of levels, IGPs VIP service can provide your online casino with a different levels mechanism. It is common to mark levels by ranking by status, (king, prince, cavalier, etc.), colours (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow etc.), metals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.), or gems (e.g. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, etc.).


VIP Program Rewards

IGPs VIP program offers long-term rewards, which are incentives for your players to stay loyal and active on your site for super VIP treatment.

IGPs VIP program provides you with different forms of reward such as:

  • Exclusive and tailor-made bonuses and promotions
  • Private events and tournaments for your VIPs
  • Sports event passes for your VIP players
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Higher cashback
  • Play new games first
  • VIP support (dedicated support)
  • Personal VIP account manager
These actions will have huge benefits on your most valuable customers. IGPs VIP program will allow you to make your players happy, create a strong relationship and extend their lifetime value.