Multiple Payment Service Provider Choices

Choosing the right Payment Service Provider (PSP) for your white label online casino can boost revenues and improve the player gaming experience.

By making it easy, quick and secure to make a deposit your players will be happier, and likely to stay longer on your site. This is why providing multiple PSP choices is one of the most important features an online white label casino has to take care of.


At IGG Whitelabel Solutions, we provide multiple and different payment options to suit any players needs. The payment team is constantly updating and reviewing different and innovative payment methods in the gaming market, to allow our white label partners to provide the best payment service providers to their players.


In the selection phase, we follow criteria based on: ease of use, processing times, market availability, transaction fees, highest security level, financial transparency; innovation level;  bonus friendly, and local needs.

But How do you Choose the Best Payment Methods for your White Label Online Casino?

Selecting the most suitable payment methods is a crucial question for your white label online casino, considering the number of banking options possible on the market. Therefore, based on our experience, we suggest some key factors which will help you to make the right choice for your players:

 Pros and Cons

Check the advantages and disadvantages of what each payment service provider (PSP) offers you. Is it suitable to your specific gaming market? Is it more mobile-friendly or do you need prepaid card methods? Such as eWallets because they are fast or bank transfer because although it is slower it safer for bigger sums of money. As you see the answer is always the same “You need to pick a payment options that your player will feel comfortable and safe using “. Always keep in mind there is no absolute best payment system, there are only the ones that better meet the needs of your target market.



Check if the payment method you select is a withdrawal method too, not all deposit methods can be used for withdrawals.


Transaction fees

Check the transaction fees and if there are any extra hidden costs, such as for card-issuing, a monthly maintenance cost, or something else. Too many extra fees will reduce the usage and make your players unhappy.



Be sure that the payment method selected meets a high standard of security, such as official financial authorisation, regulator license, critical number of users, etc.


Transaction speed

This is very important for your players, check how quick the payment method is to process transactions. Faster transactions make players happier and encourages them to play more.


Bonuses and VIP program

Payment methods can be tied to your bonus and VIP mechanisms, for example, specific bonuses if they sign up for the service and make a deposit with a certain payment method. Providing added value for your players from using a certain payment method more.



This is also an important point to assess. You will have some players who want to keep some form of anonymity, so it would be good to offer prepaid cards or some mobile app solutions.


Deposit amounts for High Rollers

Check if that specific payment method allows large amounts to be deposited. You need to offer your VIP players easy, hassle-free and quick payment solutions. However, the privilege of higher limits, as well as the strongest security of a bank transfer, still remains.


Why Choose Our Payment Service Providers (PSPs)?

Skilled Payments Team

Our Payment team help you to review and select the right payment methods for your white label online casino. Gaming players love the payment methods they know and recognise, as well the ones they have already used or have confidence with. We suggest using a minimum of three payment methods in your market, this is to meet your players needs. The majority of your players already know how to use at least one of them, and it will increase your player retention.


Expertise in localising the right payment methods for your business

A white label online casino will operate in specific geographical markets, so the capacity to identify the local payment needs will be one of the keys to your success.

IGG Whitelabel Solutions will advise and help your white label online casino to select and offer traditional as well as popular payment methods.

Offering the right local payment methods also provides a white label online casino with market legitimacy and trust from players.


Compliancy guaranteed

The IGG Whitelabel compliancy team identify and verify players when they make a deposit, helping white label online casinos to fulfil their initial KYC requirements, while at the same time constantly checking and updating AML procedures and preventing chargebacks.


24/7 live support for your business

Our live support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any payment issues, questions or queries.


Over 25 Payment Methods

Including credit cards, debit cards, ewallets, bank transfer, prepaid cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrencies from over 25 different payment service providers (PSPs).


Multi-currency Account for White Label Online Casinos

Our multi-currency system gives your players the ability to process and exchange multiple currencies (we support 50+ currencies).


Innovative Alternative Payment Methods

IGG Whitelabel Solutions is constantly looking for new, innovative and breakthrough payment methods, to help you stand out from the crowd and offer a better service to your players.

Moreover, alternative payment methods can be safer than traditional methods, using different tools like face ID, biometric data or built-in authentication,  massively reducing payment failures, and creating a better player experience.


Cryptocurrency Solution

We support and adopt cryptocurrencies payment methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many others. Offering cryptocurrency payment methods provides several benefits to your players:

Fast transactions. Credit and debit cards typically take 3-5 days to process, while cryptocurrencies provide instant deposits and withdrawals.

Security. Cryptocurrencies offer a higher security level, due to their cryptographic nature.

Privacy. Cryptocurrencies offer a high privacy level, with some transactions performed anonymously.

Lower fees: Another big advantage are the transaction fees, which are close to zero.