“God bless America, land that I… gamble in”

February 24, 2022

As Childish Gambino said, “this is America”. As Donald Trump once said “I look forward to showing my financials, as they are huge”. As I once said “Casino companies will flock to the USA as soon as they start to legalise again”.

From those three it seems I could be a president or a rapper…Fo shizzle.

Ever since Obama paved the way back in 2013 for legal internet based sportsbetting and gambling, the world took notice. From way back in the poker hayday, before Black Friday destroyed an entire industry, the USA is one of, if not the, biggest market in the world. So it’s clear and obvious why companies are selling their feet, souls, children and future to get back there. You need only to look at our two main competitors, who have either stopped paying their clients at all and forcing them out, or stopped signing new business under the MGA or EU licences to figure out this is a market to end all markets.

Or is it?

The player in the USA has always gambled. They have bookies in garages, or on the phone (surely you’ve seen enough movies to know this exists). You can cross state lines to place a bet in land based casinos or sportsbooks. The sports book in American is a powerhouse of a building. Just look at any of the Vegas shops; huge walls of TV screens and data, ever changing odds, hundreds of kiosks, bets placed in the millions on major events.

Then take a look at the UK and the Betfred in Salford. There are three unemployed people losing their dinner money on a FOBT and then throwing it out of the window. It’s clear where the punters are.

Sports betting in the USA, and gambling too, is a history wrapped in crime, mobsters, movies, corporate greed and now coolness. Since Danny Ocean and his other ten comrades hit the Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand in the 2000’s, and even before then, nothing had ever been cooler. People flock to Vegas, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, and all the Indian casinos around the country like wildfire.

Gambling is allowed in the USA, it’s encouraged, it’s welcomed, it’s an event and a past time.

In the UK or Europe it’s seedy, it’s done in private, it’s akin to walking your dog in a park. In the USA everyone brings their dogs and pets them. In Europe you walk it alone as people will judge how much it shits.

Everyone believes this is the time to shine in the USA and they are probably right. The market is ever increasing (read more here). Can market share be grabbed from the big players in the USA? Probably. Will it be profitable? Not for everyone.

You need to partner with the right company over there first of all, then find a way to convert the HUGE amounts of land based players over to online. It wont be as easy as last time, but the market for sure is there.

When more and more states legalize, more and more opportunities are there to be had. And there is one key reason as to why; regulation makes sense there. Each state isn’t controlling a min or max bet, or game speed, or how many times you can use the word chicken in a sentence. They are simply controlling the tax.

It’s genius.

It’s what I have being saying the EU should do for the last four years now. Its common f**king sense. Each state gets to pick their own rules and it also runs seamlessly with federal taxes. The whole system is a tiered structure designed for ease of access and security while also generating the much needed tax revenue (now that I fully agree with). The problem we have over on this side of the pond is that we don’t have a proper centralized system. The EU laws are restrictive at best, and downright moronic at worst. The countries seem to be able to follow ones they want and ignore ones they don’t.

The EU can learn a lot from how the USA is marketing and pushing this legitimization of online gambling and betting. Much like in the 1940’s, it’s high time for the Americans to come and show us how it’s done.


published by
Phil Pearson
COO and Head of Sales & White Label