Back to the office: making the uncomfortable transition as comfortable as possible.

May 18, 2021

Rejoice! The light at the end of the coronavirus pandemic tunnel seems to be getting brighter and brighter. Looking forward to the gradual transition back to the office, where we can finally have our team meetings without worrying about someone’s face freezing mid-sentence, is exciting…right?

Then why do we feel a little bit overwhelmed about dusting off our office pants and heading back into the real world? 

Working from home has become the new normal (we suggest you read our tips on how to make remote-working work). We’ve completely changed our routines, adapted them to the restrictions, and we’ve actually started to become good at remote working, self-care and making the most of our free time.

The thought of having to adapt back to office working and disrupt this routine that we’ve become accustomed might make you feel worried and increase your stress levels, even if you know going back to the office and socialising with people will be better for your wellbeing long term.

So, here are some tips from iGG to make this transition back to the office as smooth and worry-free as possible:

Communicate with your team

Communicate with your team

This one seems obvious, but so many of us think we’re alone in our stress and anxieties, leading us to bottle them up, which makes it worse.

Instead, why not when a colleague asks you how you are feeling on returning to the office, let them know that you feel a bit weird and that you will miss your dog an unreasonable amount?

I guarantee you will not be alone in this, and an open conversation about it with your team will be the best antidote to any stress from the sudden change in style from working remotely.

If opening up to your colleagues about this feels a little bit daunting and your anxiety levels are rising just at the thought of it, HR are always there to listen and provide support for you and your dog in this difficult time (disclaimer: the support we provide for dogs primarily involves lots of belly scratches).

In all seriousness we as the Human Resources Department are just that; a resource for our humans (more formally know and colleagues) to use whenever they need us.

Our employees know this, and we pride ourselves on the family culture we have fostered at iGG, it’s one of the things that drives our success as a company!


Keep your routine

Keep your routine

There are many pros to working remotely from home, one of the biggest being the extra time you gain from not having to commute to and from the office.

Maybe you’ve started spending that time forming a habit like exercising, cooking your meals, or learning about bitcoin.

No matter what it is, if it’s something you’ve started doing that has had a positive impact on your life, there’s no reason to throw it out the window just because you’re heading back to the big wide world.

If you’re enjoying being able to indulge in some ‘me’ time before work, try setting your alarm for 5 minutes earlier each day, so by the time you are back in the office, you will be able to get up early enough to incorporate this into your daily routine.

Getting up earlier may seem like a struggle right now, but think of all the time you’ll have to sleep in when you’ve finally bitcoin-ed your way into early retirement.


Focus on your mental health

Focus on your mental health

Gone are the days when mental health took second place to physical health, and we say good riddance!

By looking after our mental health, we can ensure that returning to the office doesn’t result in a Britney Spears style meltdown (anyone see her documentary? Sheesh).

So, start doing things that help you to de-stress. This could include going for a walk or even trying a free meditation app like Headspace. Turns out meditating isn’t just for people that boast about their group contiki tour to the ‘untouched’ parts of Thailand where they ‘found themselves’.

We here at iGG value our employee’s mental health greatly and have some great things in store for the coming months to ensure that everyone remains happy and healthy, so stay tuned for that!


Plan a team lunch

Focus on your mental health

What could be better when everyone’s back at the office than organizing a social event like a team lunch where you can all catch up properly on what you’ve been doing for the past year.

This will most probably centre around what T.V shows you binge-watched until the human-shaped imprint in the couch was deeper than the Mariana trench, but it will be a great opportunity to ensure the integration back into office life is seamless and enjoyable for everyone!

We know at iGG we are looking forward to when we can continue our fantastic Friday team lunch traditions we have enjoyed so much over the years.

Now, let’s all dust off our work clothes, and try our best to remember how to behave in public (that potentially means no more gnawing at 1kg blocks of cheese at your desk) – normality is on the horizon!

published by
Meg Hibbert
Human Resources Coordinator