iGaming Group Recognises European Safer Gambling Week, 2022

October 18, 2022

In recognition of European Safer Gambling Week, a cross-industry initiative, we have arranged a week full of initiatives to engage and inform our teams about Safer Gambling, from Suicide First Aid Training to a company-wide presentation on Safer Gambling.

Education is Key   

Throughout the week, our teams will receive educational materials to broaden their knowledge on safer gambling, so all teams are aware of ways to gamble responsibly, not only our RG and Customer Support teams. 

Knowing RG best practices means we can take appropriate action when we spot harmful playing behaviours in ourselves, our loved ones, and players. 

Suicide First Aid Training 

Our front-line teams will attend a Suicide First Aid Training session with an SFA specialist from the National Centre for Suicide Prevention, Education, and Training, in partnership with BetKnowMore. 

SFA training equips teams with the necessary safer gambling tools to handle sensitive situations in which a player references suicide or suicidal ideation.  

Following the session, our teams will have a deeper understanding of how to appropriately handle conversations around suicide with players.   

The training also involves ‘self-care’, which covers aftercare following delivering potentially life-saving support to distressed players. 

Safer Gambling Presentation- with Responsible Gaming Officer, Mark Cauchi  

RG Officer Mark will discuss the multifaceted role of the RG team within the company, while focusing on key areas for staff to consider whilst gambling or observing the playing habits of loved ones. 

The presentation covers areas like Lotto, Sports Betting, Streamers, E-Sports and Mobile Games, as well as outlining organisations offering supports to those in need. 

The Responsible Gaming Foundation, Malta  

In collaboration with the RGF, Malta, we distributed branded merch and informational leaflets which support the ‘Take Action’ campaign. 

‘Take Action’ is part of a €1.1 million project, partly financed by the European Social Fund. The campaign’s main objective is to raise awareness and inform people about the importance of betting responsibly, while outlining the supports the foundation offers. 


If you’re interested in learning more about our Safer Gambling Week initiatives or speaking to our RG Officer, reach out today.

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