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IGP Online Casino Tournaments – Competition Among Players With Our Gamification Tool

IGPs Online Casino Tournaments in partnership with – a leader in Gamification systems for online casinos – allow your casino players to compete in tournaments and win big prize pools.

IGPs tournament tool is available on any game, from any provider, and for any casino player.

Our casino tournaments solution gives your players a chance to win large amounts of money, with a high level of engagement, excitement and fun.

IGPs online casino tournaments can be organised by a defined time frame (per hour/day/week/month, etc.) and each player can check his/her score displayed on the casino’s public leaderboard.

But what makes IGP online casino tournaments system so unique and popular among casino players?

First of all, the prize pool structure, which creates competition among casino players with the ranking and the leaderboard system. Each player can achieve a better score in the tournament and get new prizes, plus there is the possibility to win jackpots (progressive or fixed). These are all of the elements of Gamification, essentially expressed in the form of a VIP reward system,  missions, loyalty points, prize drops, quests, races and chases.

IGPs tool provides different types of tournaments such as classic points tournaments, biggest win tournaments, highest equalised payout, and mission tournaments. You can even organise your own private tournament on any device to suit your player’s bankrolls and needs.

You have full control to set up your casino tournament, so that you can define the time, leaderboard, mission, prizes structure and inform your players in advance of an upcoming online casino tournament, and share a calendar of upcoming events.

Your casino site will also inform your players about the tournament format and what players need to do to qualify for the event.

Once the online casino tournament starts, players can check in their account to see their ranking position with the number of points reached, their real-time progress, and levelling up of their position on the leaderboard.

This is a scalable and flexible IGP “Gamification” feature, that brings amazing benefits to your players in terms of fun and long term engagement.


Levelling Up and Player’s Avatar: A Powerful Retention Tool for your Casino

IGP Gamification offers a levelling up model where players challenge themselves on specific tasks/races, to reach targets, get points and rise up the leaderboard.

When a player levels up he/she unlocks new prizes drops or real prizes (free spins or other bonuses), gain new powers, and accesses new content.

Players also get to choose their own character (avatar) and have the possibility to add new powers.

The levelling up system is not very common yet in the online casino industry, and that gives you a big advantage to stand out from the crowd.

This is undoubtedly a powerful tool for long term engagement and retainment of your players.


What Are Our Gamification Features?

Tournaments: We provide different tournament types for slots and other casino games.

Missions:  You can set up real-time tasks and mission for your players, adding excitement and fun to their gameplay. Adding to long term player engagement!

Leaderboards: Your players can check their position on a leaderboard that updates in real-time. According to their position, you will reward them with weekly and/or monthly prizes. Adding competition among your players!

Points: For every achievement or task completed, your players get points, unlock new powers, rise in their position, gain more money and have more fun!

Races and Chases: You can offer your players races based on a defined time frame or a limited number of spins, and also with exciting Chases, you can link rewards to the number of spins your players reach.

Jackpots: You can offer a flexible jackpot system, which can be progressive or fixed with maximum caps. You can offer a guaranteed Jackpot based progressively on value or time, and several boosted payouts.

Avatar: Your players can create their own character (avatar), and play with it.

Prize Drops or Real Prizes: You can reward your players with Prize Drops campaigns (which allow Cash money, Free Spins, Bonuses and tangible prizes – merchandise). We offer total flexibility to reward your selected players in any way you wish.

Campaign reporting: The IGP Reporting System Dashboard allows you to monitor and analyse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your business, and in real-time check, the performance of your promotions and actions in a very clear way.

Any Game, Any Provider: You can deliver our features on all of your games (slot games, table games, casino games, etc) regardless of the provider.


Why Choose the IGP Gamification Tool for Your Online Casino

Long Term Player Engagement

Follows the natural social desire of people to socialise, compete with one another and get rewards, and in the process, watch your revenues go up.

Motivated Players

With our customised tournaments segmented by time, prize structure, and user needs, you can drive your players to stay online longer and have more fun.

Adding Strong Lifetime Player Value

IGPs tool increases the lifetime value of your players, thanks to our AI (artificial intelligence) engine. Research shows that even a 5% improvement in customer retention can increase your revenues by over 25%.

Build Player Loyalty

Using this tool your players will stay longer on your site, improving retention and player loyalty to your casino.


IGP Gamification Back Office

Thanks to our partnership with, our back-office provides you with a real-time data feed with automatic payout of bonuses, prize drops, cash prizes and free spins.

Manage Users

Introduce user and system settings, avoiding human errors.

Live Data Feed

You can have transactional data per bet, win, deposit, withdrawal and login.

Front End Connection

We provide open web API or widgets.

Platform Integration API

We allow you to manage automatic payouts of bonuses, cash prizes and free spins.

Recurring Campaigns

Creation of a lifecycle for recurring campaigns.

Dynamic Segmentation

You can segment your players per type and create relevant bespoke promotions.

Campaign Reports

Optimize your campaigns from our reports.

CRM Solutions

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