Fully Customisable User Interface Design

Nowadays, for an online casino to succeed it is essential to offer an easy to use and intuitive User Interface Experience (UX).

A good user interface allows your player to navigate your casino quickly and easily from the first registration phase, through to making a deposit, placing a bet and the withdrawal process.

Each of these actions needs to be easy to understand and intuitive for players, because if a player finds one of those actions too complex or long he/she will likely go to another site.

IGP (iGaming Platform) know this very well and provide a fully customisable user interface and seamless experience for your online casino, where offering high usability is not only a growing trend but key for any successful e-commerce business.

IGP provide responsive designs in a multi-channel model, with the world’s top game providers, a user-friendly environment, as well as many marketing tools available for the acquisition, retention and reactivation of players, such as our CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Gamification model, Bonus systems, and much more.


IGP has built the very best customer experience possible. We have a digital user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) team constantly working to optimise our front end solutions to increase your acquisition, conversion and player retention. Our digital team will work closely with you to set up the look and feel of your casino. The goal is to keep players engaged on your casino site and extend their lifetime value.


Benefits of IGPs Online Casino Front End

IGP provide several key features for your front end user interfaces such as:

Quick & Easy Navigation

Super smooth user journey (from the registration phase, login, deposit, betting process, all the way till withdrawal, etc.).

Multi-device approach

We provide intuitive user interface design for mobile, laptop, tablet and other devices, as well as an omnichannel solution to improve player gameplay and loyalty.

Configurable site UX design features for a quick and efficient time to market in new territories

Bespoke game experience according to local market needs (from specific game titles to payment options and configuration).

Fast and smooth loading site

Your online casino will provide players with quick navigation, without downtime or delay in loading casino pages.

Cross-selling of products

Bonuses and promotions work easily across different channels.

Top casino games portfolio

Our front end solution provides games based on a geolocation concept for a tailor-made user interface experience to engage your user’s full attention.

Live casino lobby API

A live casino lobby can be integrated if this is something you want to offer.

Wallet integration API

We ensure a variety of payment options are accessible to players via the cashier.

Data Analytical API

This is an important tool that provides you with real-time user data for a player segmentation, with full insight into player bets, turnover, deposits, withdrawals, winning bets, etc. This is a big plus for any of your marketing activities.

Automated bonuses & promotions for a tailor-made player experience

According to the data analytics engine, you’ll be able to set up interface design for tailor-made bonuses and promotions for your VIP players, for a group of players or for all your recreational players.

Freedom to build a tailor-made user interface with the player at the heart of the casino experience

Flexibility to configure a full user interface from the set-up phase.


Tips to Use IGPs Front and Back End

When choosing the best front and back end systems, always take into consideration the following:

Choose an experienced company

Don’t choose a gaming company just because they offer nice web design and mobile solutions. Remember that it’s not only about nice services, gaming operators need to have experience in the online gambling industry, stay up to date with the market and constantly improve front end design and usability with new ideas and solutions.

Localization is the key

In order to improve your player experience, game and service localisation is key. Bringing to your players the games and products they want and are looking for. The key is not only to provide games, payments, and general promotions, but to provide an offering that is tailor-made for that market or country specifically, according to the players’ tastes and cultural needs.

Open Casino APIs

This can also be considered a key factor for your casino to succeed. Casino software providers have to allow you to integrate third-party applications, platforms, news pages, etc., and to customise them as much as possible for your site. The more flexibility casino software can offer you, the more success you will have.

Access to key player data

Always check what tools different casino software companies offer in terms of analysis and monitoring of key player performance indicators (KPI). This information will allow you to predict player behaviour and deliver the best experience possible (the best games and promotions, as well as quality support).

Security is everything

Understanding the security protocols casino software companies have in place to guarantee the security of your data from hackers. You don’t want to run the risk of having your customers’ personal or payment information stolen.

Compliance in regulated markets

It’s important that your front end and back office are compliant with the regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where your online casino operates.