Casino CRM Solution

IGP Casino CRM Solution – Keeping your Players Loyal

What is a Casino CRM Solution?

To keep players at your online casino business happier for longer, the most powerful tool you can use is IGPs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

iGamingPlatform provides you with powerful CRM software to fully monitor the activity of your players. This solution provides you with a lot of information about your player preferences, and allows you to match that data with bespoke promotions, with the aim to make your customers happier and increase their lifetime value.

Proper CRM activity will boost your marketing efficiency to next level. Different studies have shown that casino CRM software helps you to retain customers and extend a player’s life value by as much as five times, significantly increasing your revenues in the process.

What are the Key Reasons to use IGPs CRM System?

IGPs casino CRM software allows you to monitor and review your players activity in a number of ways and:

  • Better understand your customer’s behaviour (deposit, gameplay, products they like, general preferences, time spent on the site, etc)
  • Focus on an acquisition and retention strategy for your players
  • Handle player preferences
  • Enable better cross-selling of your products
  • Constantly improve the quality of your customer service support
  • Measure any marketing campaigns you launch
  • Obtain deeper accuracy and monitoring of any bonus and promotion activity with flexible user data
  • Deliver tailor-made offers to your players, which brings more value to your site

What Types of Data Does IGPs CRM Software Collect?

With IGPs CRM software you can better understand your players and improve your operations as a result of collecting the following data:

  1. How often your players visit the site
  2. What games they like to play (slots, roulette, blackjack, etc.)
  3. The amount of time players spend playing slots, live casino games, table games, roulette, blackjack, etc.
  4. The amount of money they deposit and how often they deposit
  5. A player’s average bet, average win and average loss

Moreover, IGPs CRM tool allows you to:

  • Keep track of newly registered players
  • Track player contact information
  • Analyze data and identify player groups with high potential
  • Provide marketing and sales teams with task management support
  • Maintain well-structured client communications

All of this information allows you to develop tailor-made promotions and marketing campaigns for your players.

Moreover, this data helps you to predict future player activity, and set specific targets to reach for different types of players.

IGP casino customer relationship management allows you to take care of each player in a very detailed and unique way, creating from your large customer base a smaller one by segmenting and increasing your targeted marketing efforts. This approach will give you great results in terms of casino revenue and player satisfaction – they will spend more and stay happy and loyal for longer.

What Benefits Does IGP CRM Provide to Your Online Casino Operations?

IGPs CRM tool gives your online casino operations many benefits, including:

Omnichannel and full integration with the IGP casino platform

IGP casino customer relationship management covers all devices used by players, including mobile,  tablet, PC, etc.

Multi-Language System

IGPs CRM tool is provided in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages.

Customized marketing strategies

A fully segmented approach should be used that covers everything from VIP levels and bonuses, to games played, deposit amounts, etc.

Player segmentation with dynamic filters and real-time activity control

A dynamic filter that allows you to check registrations, deposits, logins, bets,  wins, withdrawals, etc.

Marketing campaigns with multi-channel communication and targeted player offers

Communicate with your players through all your channels such as Email, SMS, internal messaging, notification, etc.

Optimized retention and reactivation strategy

Thanks to our CRM tools and bonus system it is possible to create unique tailor-made promotions to retain or reengage with players.

Real-time campaign monitoring with machine learning approach

Email/SMS tracking and analytics

Graphics, analytics metrics, automated reporting, customising the on-demand reporting dashboard with different parameters.

Google calendar integration

VIP player management

Keep your high rollers happy and they’ll keep you happy. VIP players need to be treated like valued players through personalised experiences, country-specific VIP managers, etc.

Strong retention model

A retention strategy includes player segmentation, with optimization of bonuses and promotions to extend player lifetime value, increase conversion rates, and cross-selling of your products.

24/7 operations

IGP software doesn’t need downtime. You have access to the tools whenever and wherever you are.

High-level customer care and support

High-level security

Data privacy and confidentiality is ensured

Optimized Retention and Reactivation Strategy

Our retention and reactivation strategy is optimized and segmented by group, ensuring that you find the right offers for each type of player. And, thanks to our IGPs bonus system, you can tailor your offers to certain player segments and reengage with previous clients again. Read more here.

IGP Casino CRM System – Final Thoughts

A CRM system is a key aspect of any online casino operation. Good CRM massively extends the lifetime value of a player, improves player gameplay and engagement, and allows the operator to have full control of player activity, giving the possibility to collect all kinds of useful data about each player.

Choosing IGPs casino CRM system will allow you to differentiate your business from the competition, and ensure long term success.

To maximise the efficiency of the casino CRM system, each online casino department (customer support, product manager, marketing team, sales, account management, etc) need to work together. IGPs CRM system provides you with full data to share with different departments, in that way each team will be aware of player activity, and will manage them appropriately from their side.

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