Provably Fair Games

Glossary of Provably Fair Games – how does it work?

Provably Fair Games are so-called because they give players the ability to verify the fairness of their bets. It means that an online casino can’t cheat a player because the outcome of the game is provable, transparent and verifiable.

They are built on open-source algorithms and run on smart contracts platforms, which makes it impossible for any online gambling sites to modify or alter the game outcomes. Games on these smart contracts are handled by programming code, which means that there’s no chance for a casino to change the result of the bet.

Typically used by those who gamble using cryptocurrencies, the next generation gaming via blockchain technology is the next step in securing online games for decades to come.



What Are The Main Benefits of Provably Fair Games


Provably fair games are constantly increasing in popularity because they offer several advantages over traditional online casinos. Here we highlight the main benefits of playing these type of games:

  • 100% Transparent: Players Can Check Bet Results at Anytime

Before the provably fair games innovation, there was very little possibility to check if you were playing at a fair casino. Thanks to blockchain technology, players can now check and verify the outcomes of their bets.

  • Lower Fees

Provably fair games are not only fair but also very efficient.

  • Provably Fair Games Avoid Third Party Auditing

Another key point is provably fair gaming eliminates third party auditing testing labs. Each game is certificated by blockchain technology. 

  • Game Quality and Features

Provably fair games typically include many features players receive at standard online casinos, such as welcome bonuses, promotions, free spins, VIP programs, loyalty system, cashback, etc.

  •  Privacy

You can play any of these games just by depositing your chosen cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc). You don’t have to reveal personal information or credit card details.


Provably Fair Casino Games are the Future

Undoubtedly, these kind of games will have a key role to play in improving trust and transparency in the only casino industry.

With time, players are becoming more aware of blockchain technology innovations and the importance of playing these kind of games.


INDUSTRY FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Provably Fair Games are playable only with Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, players can play them only with cryptocurrency. On top of blockchain benefits, there is the speediness of games and payouts that are almost instant. With this, players can send and receive money quickly.


Are these games 100% Transparent and Fair?

The transparency and fairness of these games can be verified at any time thanks to blockchain technology.


Are Provably Fair Game Safe and Legal?

Yes, in terms of safety, they are certainly the future of trust in casinos. In terms of legality, it is linked to different factors, such as a player’s age, location, jurisdiction, etc.


What is a Provably Fair Casino?

Provably Fair Casinos are unique because they provide fairness and transparency game libraries.