Multi-Currency Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies Payment Methods

The number of online white label casinos that offer cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing and, nowadays, offering cryptocurrency payments is a must-have option.

At Blockgaming, we provide the best crypto payment solution for online casino white labels, that are perfectly suited to operators looking for innovation and crypto adoption for their online casino sites.

Blockgaming provides a safe and secure crypto wallet payment system and we proudly offer all of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin, Ethereum (ETH), Ripple, Dash, ZCash (ZEC) as well as many more.

Our crypto casinos allow players several benefits, playing in full privacy, and with every crypto transaction free of charge or with a very low fee.

Players who play in crypto don’t have to release their personal details such as their ID number or credit card information, Bitcoin and other cryptos allow full anonymity for the player.

We also offer Samecoin and SameUSD, which are built to be used in the Blockgaming online casino ecosystem and provide added value and rewards to the players that use them.


Multi-Currency Solution

Blockgaming also provides support for multiple currencies, players can use their favourite currencies for deposits & withdrawals as well as for playing their favourite casino games.

Players are able to play over 7000 different games in their selected currency, with no worry of having to do currency conversions.

On each player transaction, we manage the currency conversion and keep the transaction value for the player currency and the casino currency.

The casino currency value is handled by the operator for jackpots, statistics, accounting and tournament results, we understand that players don’t see those reports.

Our online casinos can choose to follow the gameplay in the player currency or the casino currency, our admin tool report gives the opportunity to select it through a currency filter.

Blockgaming provides an advanced multi-currency system in a seamless wallet environment. For a better understanding of these amazing features, please contact our account manager.

Moreover, we provide the ability to keep player funds in a different currency at the same time, so the player can manage their money as they prefer, with no risk to lose it with variable conversion rates that go up and down.

At Blockgaming casino platform, players can deposit, play and withdraw their funds in any cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple etc) as well as in Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (YEN), Australian Dollars (AUS), Canadian Dollars (CAD), British Pounds (GBP), and other fiat currencies.


Samecoin: The Solution for Online Gaming Payment

Blockgaming is constantly looking to make deposits and withdrawals quicker and safer to guarantee maximum security and satisfaction for casino players and white label online casino owners. This is why we have an ongoing partnership with the Samecoin Ecosystem.

Blockgaming technology already supports over 30  internationally accepted payment systems, with over 150 payment options.

The Samecoin ecosystem consists of the utility token Samecoin, stablecoins (SameUSD, SameEUR, etc), SameID and SamePay, and its SameUSD is a pure cryptocurrency payment choice.

SamePay is a non-custodial crypto wallet app, providing cryptocurrency payment solutions with stablecoins and secure logins via SameID. It’s easy to integrate and an innovative payment solution that makes the payment experience smooth for both the casino and the player.

The Samecoin ecosystem is integrated well with Blockgaming’s SSL encryption used for banking and, therefore, provides an online gaming experience with the highest security possible. The ecosystem, which includes SameID and SamePay, works very well with Blockgaming KYC (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures).

SameUSD and SameEuro are Samecoin’s stablecoins, with the aim to eliminate cryptos’ fluctuating prices, which have discouraged the majority of online casino players from using them so far. Both coins have the ability to have fiat currencies’ stability and simplicity, while still possessing all the advantages of cryptocurrencies, which makes them perfect for use at online crypto casinos.

What are the Most important Features of Samecoin?

There are several features that make Samecoin perfect for Online Casinos, for example, the strong stability and security of value provided by Samecoin’s family of stablecoins, (the ecosystem features the SameID and SamePay high quality and unique tools for online casinos). SameID is an integrated user identification feature that removes the need for online casino players to add their personal details.

By the way, each user of SameID has to follow the KYC procedure, but this procedure is faster than before, with big savings in time and costs spent in KYC procedures.

If players use the SameID verification process, they provide passport or ID card information, a utility bill and follow facial recognition selfie identification.

SamePay for Online White Label Casinos Crypto Payments

SamePay integration makes it easier for casino players to send and receive cryptocurrencies. This can be done in Bitcoin, Ethereum, SameUSD or with any other cryptocurrency.

SamePay works for each cryptocurrency a player wants to use. SameID can be used to ensure one account and gives users full control of their crypto funds.

This also helps a lot with the player onboarding process. In just 5 seconds casino players will be verified using SamePay. Moreover, SamePay secures the player’s data, because the player only needs to send the online white label casino necessary information, and this is thanks to the SameID feature. No more need to release personal data. Once the player has fulfilled the KYC procedure on SameID, the online white label casino will receive the verified player. This has the double effect of increased efficiency for casinos, which makes players happier too.

Last but not least, SamePay allows online casino owners to have really low transaction costs, which means they are able to provide better offers and more bonuses to players, making them more competitive.